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Taiwan Insurance Institute

Introduction * CALI Task Force * Information Processing Center

I. Preface

Consensus reached at the First National Insurance Meeting in 1983 demanded the establishment of an organization overseeing the nation-wide activities of insurance statistics, actuarial practices, research, and training in hopes of nurturing a productive insurance industry. Two years later in March, 1985, the Ministry of Finance approved the proposal for Taiwan Insurance Institute (TII). Starting of July 1, 1985, Taiwan Insurance Institute was officially inaugurated and in full operation since.

II. History

Three phases depict the development history of Taiwan Insurance Institute as follows: First phase (1985~1997): groundwork in statistics, training, and research Second phase (1998~2003):additional businesses into the insurance testing and claims mediation domains; further development in the actuarial and information technology services.

Third phase(2004~present):built upon the existing framework, the business is further expanded into financial analysis and actuarial service, mid and high level personnel training as well as the development and validation of the interdisciplinary talents. In response to the liberalization of Taiwan non-life insurance premium rates, a specialized unit in Actuarial Department-was set up in 2007 to strengthen the said function of TII.TII will continue its current functions in extension of insurance education, enrichment of insurance professional, promotion of insurance supervisory policies, handling of insurance disputes, protection of consumer rights etc.-all for the proliferation of the insurance industry.

III. Organization

  • Research Department:
    all insurance-related researches include IFRS 4,EU Solvency II, emerging issues, supervisory policy formation and etc.
  • Actuarial Department:
    a specialized Unit of Statistics and Actuarial Service for life and non-life insurances, research and regular rate review on CALI, researches related with life insurance products and reserve adequacy, promotion and review over the liberalization movement of non-life insurance premium-rates; insurance supervisory database.
  • Information Technology Department:
    establishment of the Taiwan e-Insurance Signature (TeIS) platform, CALI Information Processing Center.
  • Education and Training Department:
    in-service training, conferences, licensing and certification
  • International Department:
    international cooperation, information search on international insurance market
  • Administration Department:
    administration and human resource management
  • Accounting Department:
    accounting and financial affairs