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Taiwan Insurance Institute

Introduction * CALI Task Force * Information Processing Center

I. Preface

The Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance (CALI) is a mandated insurance for all owners of automobiles and motorcycles. To ensure the accuracy of the premium rates, the Non-Life Insurance Association had delegated Trade-Van Information Services Co. to take in charge of the operation and maintenance of the CALI database system when the CALI became effective. After the first amendment of the CALI Act in 2005, the competent authority entrusted Taiwan Insurance Institute (TII) to take over the database system, providing the claim-based rating level information which could be used for calculation of premium.

After taking over this task, TII established a "Disaster Recovery Center (DRC)" in December 2005. With DRC, when an uncontrollable disaster occurs, the database system can be resumed in a short time to ensure the stability and continuity of the service.

Since 2015, the operations and management of the information working group in the original group handling insurance actuary and research development have been transferred to the Information Operations Center, for it to continuously study on the topics of query system functions, database accuracy, and informational safety; as well as the promotional suggestions of relevant informational operations for the CALI's insurance in order to facilitate the promotion and implementation.

II. Main Missions

  1. To establish accurate database related to the CALI in order to provide CALI premium inquiry services and protect the rights of the insured.
  2. To strengthen business writing / endorsement / claim data transmission procedures so as to ensure the quality of the data.
  3. To clean the files of the database regularly in order to enhance the accuracy of the renewal premium rates.
  4. To verify the correctness of premium rates for the purpose of protecting the rights of the insured.
  5. To conduct semi-annual testing in order to check for possible flaws in the application system.
  6. To rehearse disaster recovery plan semi-annually so that the business continuity of the CALI can be ensured.
  7. To review the website information materials for users of the center.
  8. To deliver accurate website information while abide to the data protection regulations and data security guidelines.
  9. To organize workshops regularly to help employees of insurance companies being familiar with the system's functions.